sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

in between matters || a skateboard short film

This short film is a musical experience about the connections between matters.

in-between matters - a skateboard short film from Progressive Pictures on Vimeo.
LET US ROAM || Atiba Jefferson

Atiba Jefferson is a professional photographer from Colorado Springs, CO. He discovered photography in high school and quickly developed a passion for the camera. Since skateboarding was his first love it naturally became his primary subject and the focus through the lens. His desire to capture the movement of skateboarding, precisely how he saw it, pushed him to move to California and chase his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Atiba now shoots everything from skateboarding to Lakers games to portraits of world-famous musicians and athletes. This short film gives a glimpse into the crazy life of Atiba and how he became a professional photographer. 

LET US ROAM - Atiba Jefferson from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Underground Hero || Love To Hate Me || Lamborghini Bosozoku Yakuza

For many of us, simply driving a Lamborghini is flashy enough, but for the yakuza in Tokyo's underground that's just not going to cut it. Japan-based director and cinematographer Luke Huxham has created a short film documenting the processes some of the yakuza put their cars through to make them stand out, wrapping them in custom vinyls, flashing lights, and strips of brightly coloured LEDs. Speaking about the film, Huxham says: 

"Style is personal, fun is universal. That's what you need to embrace before watching this film. Morohoshi-san is living between the lines, somewhere in that gray section. Mixing with the undesirables and modifying his Lamborghini in ways most of us would never dream of doing. His style is unique and questionable but one things for sure, he's too busy having fun to care what you think! And that's truly what makes him a cool character." 

domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

A Rather Lovely Thing

A little story about love and adventure.

A rather lovely thing from El Diablo on Vimeo.
SHUT Skateboards || The Golden Skateboard

A couple of months back New York-based artist Matt Willet and SHUT Skateboards decided to work together on a completely gold-plated skateboard worth $15,000 USD (approx. £8,800). While many skateboarders slammed the project, suggesting it was commercialising skateboarding and promoting the idea that decks should be hung on walls as art, it was actually born through a pretty organic process. Matt's dad took a job at a Brooklyn technology company that makes gold plated components for NASA, making him think about plating non-traditional materials such as wood and urethane. Take a look at the making of video below to find out more.

sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2014

Vienna Waits For You

Anna should have had a closer look at the fine-print of her rental contract - for the old Viennese apartment is a creature with never ending appetite, living off the youth of its residents.

Vienna waits for you from Glaciar Films on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

BELONG || Short Film

BELONG is a short film which tells the story of a teenager who gets bullied and decides not to fight back, but carry on doing what he knows, skateboarding. The kickstarter-funded film debuted at SXSW in March, it features an original score by Odd Future/Mellowhype’s Left Brain.
It's directed by Lije Sarki and stars skateboarder Lui Elliott, watch it below via YouTube. 

sábado, 17 de maio de 2014

The Fever

Why isn’t there more stuff like this in skateboarding? Half urban fable half skateboarding part, The Fever is a micro cinematic masterpiece. Starring Gnarmad and SHUT Am Bogdan Dzyurak and Phoenix Cortes, The Fever was written and directed by Graham Savage Wasley. Watch and enjoy. 

The Fever from Graham Savage Wasley on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014


A young man who seeks only survival is challenged by his dog who seeks only his attention.

Priorities from Gints Zilbalodis on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Wonderful London 1924 & 2014

Ninety years ago, in 1924, Harry B. Parkinson and Frank Miller documented London in a short but atmospheric film series entitled "Wonderful London". Now, London-based filmmaker Simon Smith has retraced their footsteps, capturing the exact same shots throughout the city and blending the two together to create an intriguing "window through time." Watch the five-minute video below for a glimpse of what London life was like almost a century ago. 

Wonderful London 1924 & 2014 from Simon Smith on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2014

Why We Create || Documentary Series

Columbus-based filmmaker Andy Newman has created a new mini documentary series that explores why humans like to "create". Each of the three videos are around three or four minutes long and feature various different creatives who discuss the motivations behind their work. "I'm continually drawn to people who do what they want on their terms," says Newman. "People who make their own rules; who don't wait for others to give them permission. The mission of Why We Create is embodied in the reasons why those featured in these films tirelessly chase what they love."

Why We Create – Allie & Adam Lehman from Andy Newman on Vimeo.
Why We Create – Nick Fancher from Andy Newman on Vimeo.
Why We Create – Tyler Deeb from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

Pride Of The Jaguar

A micro documentary, exploring patient car enthusiast Jim Jones' 22 year journey restoring a 1957 Jaguar Mark 1.
 Check it out below.

Pride of the Jaguar from notafraid! on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

Tatted Up || Slowmotion Tattoo

For how much of an impact they have on our lives and our persona for decades to come, the process of actually receiving a tattoo and the transformation your body endures is usually overlooked – and even forgotten – as time goes on. This video we have featured literally slows the tattooing process down to incredibly detailed level, giving us a glimpse into a process and tool that is not often seen or understood. Shot in a Parisian parlor by a videographer named Fabrice for the site TattedUp, you can see the development of the tattoo as artist GueT works his magic on a patron’s arm. 

quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2014

Extra Butter x Saucony "Space Snack" Shadow Master

With a successful launch of our ACES, our astronauts are now out in the atmosphere and have set sail on their course into the final frontier!

For this journey, it's important we keep our flight systems in check, make sure our equipment is properly calibrated, and stomachs well fed and nourished. In orbit, the need to keep perishable good preserved is achieved through a lyophilisation, or freeze-drying process. Our team's favorite form of Space Race sustenance - Neapolitan freeze-dried ice cream! You know...the treat that melts in your mouth, but not into space.

Based around the delicious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mash of flavors, the colors and textures of the tasty treat are brought to life on the Saucony Shadow Master with a premium suede upper. Featuring all 3 flavors of the Neapolitan snack, "Space Snack" also ties together (quite literally) with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry lace options. Lastly, the Space Snack is sealed with a metallic silver tongue tag, reminiscent of the space ice cream's foil wrap packaging, which features our signature "Float Man". The "Space Snack" Shadow Master will keep you well fed, and comfortable as you continue your cosmic crusade!
We once again joined forces with Paul Tamayo, and brought in the Space Race superstar himself, the Float Man! Check out video below to see the Float Man in action, having a little fun with the "Space Snacks"!

Extra Butter x Saucony "Space Snack" Shadow Master Video from Extra Butter on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Getting Started || 33 Exotic & Classic Cars Roar to Life

Getting Started is a short video that includes the sights, but more importantly the sounds, of 33 amazing vehicles roaring to life. From the '69 Jaguar E-Type's quiet Inline-6 to the the rumble of the Aventador's 6.5L V12 and the punch of the Saleen S7's twin turbos, we don't often have the pleasure of hearing these fire up.

domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Steadfast Stanley

Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse. All he wants to do is get back to his owner.

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim on Vimeo.
Brixton Summer 2014

Whit their latest video Brixton show us what a carefree, fun loving summer is like on the west coast, and it involves a pool party, bbq, good friends, good music, goodtimes and yes, girls.

Brixton Summer 2014 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

LET US ROAM || Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt is a director and cinematographer that has shot some of the most influential skateboarding films of our time. He discovered photography and filmmaking while he was a pro skateboarder for Stereo Skateboards. After the making of the film “A Visual Sound”, he knew he wanted to buy a 16mm film camera. This purchase pushed him to take cinematography seriously and he’s never put the camera down since. Greg is now shooting the very first Vans skateboarding film and is in his final year of production. This film follows his path from skateboarder to filmmaker and offers a peek into his filmmaking process behind the Vans skate film. 

LET US ROAM - Greg Hunt from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.