quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Converse Couples || Celebrating Creative Duos Matched In Love & Art For Converse

A film celebrating five creative duos matched in love and art for footwear brand, Converse, directed by filmmaking duo Alphabetical Order.

terça-feira, 29 de março de 2016

Stone & Wood || The Way It Should Be

Hailing from Byron Bay, Stone & Wood started out as a small North Coast brewery and is now in all your favourite watering holes on tap for you to down at leisure. They have the perfect recipe, not only for their beer (duh) but for the office, working with good people and having fun while you do it, the way it should be. This piece follows the journey of some of their brewers/surfers/mechanics/musicians.

The Way It Should Be from Stone & Wood on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

Be Human || Austyn Gillette

At only 24 years of age, Austyn Gillette has built a decade strong career from hard work, humility, innovation and a commitment to skating every damn day. After a difficult year out injured, Desillusion spent a day with Austyn to reflect on the trials and tribulations of being pro and the importance of balance and being human.

 Supported by HUF

domingo, 27 de março de 2016

Eye of India || Short Film

Eye of India is a visual record of a journey across India that showcases the diverse culture of one of the world's fastest developing nations.
 During a six-week trip the film highlights moments that aim to capture a feeling of transition as India emerges as an economic super power.

Eye of India from Benn Berkeley on Vimeo.

sábado, 26 de março de 2016

Gentleman's Club || Vw Bug 1960 || Family Heritage

A family inheritance left by a grandfather.
And now recreated by its owner in a simple and clean format...
Low and Slow is the rule as an aggressive low stance is pulled by a 1200cc original 1960 rebuilt motor... Judging by the stupid amount of necks we broke, who needs more... Grandpa don't you worry your car is in good hands...

Owner: Ricardo Ferreira (Gentleman's Club Member)
Car: ELITE VW BUG Deluxe 1960

sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

Storm Freerun || Drone Parkour in 4K

Watching somebody pull off Spider-Man like parkour moves is always a good watch. But when it's captured in 4K goodness by an expertly piloted drone, it's a must watch.
Sit back, click play, and get your mind blown by this athleticism. 

quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016

Kevin "Spanky" Long || Inspired By...

Kevin "Spanky" Long, Inspired By... Resilience. Spanky looks back at his history with RVCA and how it's influenced his approach in skating and life as a whole. 

Kevin "Spanky" Long | Inspired By... from RVCA on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

Teahupo'o, Du Ciel || Short Video

This is easily one of the best, if not THE best, surf videos we've ever seen.  Beautifully shot via drone at the coastal spot of Teahupo'o in Tahiti, it's worth every second of your time.

Teahupo'o, Du Ciel from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

Deus Ex Machina Motorcycles || Lost In Louee

Family member and Deus’ number 1 Aussie Moto X rider Zye Norris jetted down to Sydney to spend a few days out west getting lost on Lue Station – near the village of Louee in Central NSW, population 815. Lue station is also home to the Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex.

Lost in Louee from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

domingo, 20 de março de 2016

Ishtar X Tussilago || Short Film

Longboarding images are often associated with ill-fitting cargo shorts and freshman dorms, but this film, highlighting  downhill longboard rider Ishtar Backlund, the epic mountains of Norway, and Swedish rock band Tussilago, is totally beyond stunning. Well worth a watch.

Ishtar X Tussilago from Maceo Frost on Vimeo.

sábado, 19 de março de 2016

Supreme Shibuya || Short Video

Supreme is a skateboarding shop/clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994.

The brand was originally founded by James Jebbia. Although he was born in the US, he lived in England from until he was nineteen. The first Supreme store opened on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in 1994. It was designed with skaters in mind, with a unique design on the store layout; the clothes arranged around the outside of the store with a large space in the middle. This meant that skaters with backpacks on could skate right into the store, and still feel comfortable. In 2004, a store was opened on North Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, California, which is almost double the size of the original New York store and also includes an indoor skate bowl. There are other stores in Paris, London, Tokyo (Harajuku, Daikanyama & Shibuya), Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. These modern stores still try to emulate the original Lafayette Street store design.

The distinctive red box logo containing "Supreme" in Futura Heavy Oblique is largely based on Barbara Kruger's propaganda art.

The brand caters to the Skateboarding, Hip hop and Punk rock cultures, and the youth culture at large. They make clothes and accessories, but also manufacture skateboards that are collected like modern art. Supreme has released skateboard decks featuring the artworks of Rammellzee, Ryan McGinness, KAWS, Larry Clark, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, Nate Lowman, Damien Hirst, and John Baldessari. They have also collaborated with other photographers, artists, and designers such as Marilyn Minter, Takashi Murakami, Daniel Johnston, Peter Saville (graphic designer), Futura 2000, Adam Kimmel, Bad Brains and H. R. Giger.

Unlike other clothing brands, who release their new collections all at once, Supreme releases a small number of items at a time, typically five to fifteen. This "drop" occurs online at 11 am EST and 8 am PST. This strategy maintains the aura of "hype" that the brand creates. Their shoes, clothing, and accessories create a big secondary market for supreme clothing, because items are produced to a very limited quantity and also because there are only nine stores worldwide.

Supreme has a line of collaborations with brands such as Nike, Air Jordan, Vans, Clarks, The North Face, Hanes, Playboy, Levi's, Timberland, Comme des Garçons, Stone Island, UNDERCOVER, White Castle as well as many more. Fashion photographer Terry Richardson has produced some of the most notable pieces which include photographs of Michael Jordan, Kermit the Frog, Three Six Mafia, Lou Reed, Lady Gaga, Neil Young and Morrissey.

Notable celebrities who have worn Supreme clothing in public includes Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Drake, Frank Ocean, Nas, Pharell Williams, John Mayer, Kid Cudi, Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, and Morrissey.

sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016

Gentleman's Club || Porsche 914 || The Bastard Son

 This Beautiful Mid-Engined, Targa two-seater Roadster, was the BASTARD SON from a forbidden romance between VW and Porsche.
The Bahia red in this movie is a 1974, totally rebuild being now one of the most beautiful and irreprehensible cars I know and the ROAR...
The engine compartment hides a 2.4-liter type 4 Engine done by the Expertise hands of VOLKSWORKS.
 Owner: Pedro Jesus (Gentleman's Club Member)
Car: ELITE VolksPorsche 914 1974

quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2016

Victoria's Secret presents a Sexy Short || Lily Aldridge

American supermodel Lily Aldridge looks flat out stunning in this hot-as-can-be video short from Victoria's Secret
You'll fall in love a little.

quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2016

Inside the Vans Factory || Short Video

Steve Van Doren is the man! He stopped by a factory to help make some footwear in 2016.

Happy 50th Vans!!! 

terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

No Dreams, Just Goals || Frederico Morais

Coming from the wave rich town of Cascais, just outside Portugal’s capital of Lisbon, Frederico Morais is one of the best things to happen in european surfing. Talented, for sure, Frederico, is also totally dedicated to surfing, spending countless hours in the water. Spanish director Gustavo Imigrante, spent a few days with the prodigy, sharing his own philosophy, and how bright he sees the future.

Supported by Billabong

segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2016

Longboarding || A Portuguese Adventure

Bustin Boards took us Longboarding in Portugal in some of the most classic locations and amazing landscapes you can find.

sábado, 12 de março de 2016

Pennzoil || JOYRIDE Circuit (Official)

Here's a great video from Pennzoil of a yellow Ferrari 488 GTB ripping through the chic streets of Barcelona, Spain with famed stunt driver Rhys Millen behind the wheel. It's a wildly impressive watch.

sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016


After recently being teased, Supreme has unleashed their latest skate film by director William Strobeck. The delivery comes as Supreme just opened the doors to their new Paris location. Titled PUSSY GANGSTER, the clip follows influential skateboarders Tyshawn Jones, Sage Elsesser, Kevin Bradley, Sean Pablo, Ben Kadow, Na-kel Smith, Greg Blobys, Kevin Rodrigues, Jason Dill, Mark Gonzales and Vincent Touzery, as they shred throughout the streets of France.

quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Gentleman's Club || GIGI || The Tasmanian Bug

The owner of this 1966 certainly was bitten by a Tasmanian Bug.The level of detail on the car, the array of accessories, stickers, paint wounds they all tell a story, A story of years passed by the wheel, traveling knowing people and collecting and adding stuff to the car in a tasteful way...
 Owner: António Barreto (Gentleman's Club Member)
Car: ELITE VW BUG Deluxe 1966

quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2016

Under Armour || Rule Yourself || Michael Phelps

This new advertisement from Under Armour, led by Olympic star Michael Phelps, is one of the best commercials we've seen in the last few years. It's a brillaint mix of emotion and quiet inspiration.

terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

GoPro VR || Sand Dune Jumping with Ronnie Renner

To showcase its new Spherical camera, GoPro has taken the little device out to the St. Anthony sand dunes in Idaho. The camera, which features 6 lenses for capturing 360-degree footage, was attached to pro motocross freestyle rider Ronnie Renner who really ran it through its paces. Check out the footage below using Chrome for the full 360 experience. 

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Vessels || 4AM

Vessels is a five-man band from Leeds, England. The video, accompanying their latest single, '4AM,' is like being on a tourist spaceship touring a volatile world. And, as it navigates water, ice, and lava, to music, its somehow perfectly lovely.

VESSELS - 4am from Chloe Hayward on Vimeo.

domingo, 6 de março de 2016

ZY x SF || Zoo York in San Francisco

Zoo York recently sent team riders Ron Deily, Dave Willis, Gavin Nolan and Chaz Ortiz to San Francisco for two reasons: first to escape the East Coast’s harsh winter, and secondly to absolutely shred the Bay. The team managed to snag stunning hi-def drone footage, bomb their way down the city’s infamous hills and some of its architecturally stunning street spots, all while set to the soundtrack of local musician Larry “The Bucketman” Hunt.

sábado, 5 de março de 2016

Ken Block's Gymkhana Eight || Ultimate Exotic Playground || Dubai

This bonkers video of stunt driver Ken Block ripping through Dubai in a fire-spitting Ford Fiesta makes the Fast & Furious franchise seem like second grade recess. It's a must-watch.

sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2016

Alex Knost || Inspired By...

Get a glimpse of Alex's perspective and history with RVCA in this installment of Inspired By... series.

Alex Knost | Inspired By... from RVCA on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Que Estranha Forma de Vida || What a Strange Way of Life (Full Documentary)

In this Documentary, will be addressed ways of life that are parallel to society as we know it. We will closely follow the eco-village Cabrum, a recent community in northern Portugal; Cooperativa Integral Catalana, in Barcelona, which practices self-management with its own coin - the Eco; and finally, the self-sustaining community - Tamera - also located in Portugal. With almost 20 years of existence. A research center for peace, with a Free Love philosophy, searching for self-sufficiency. It’s a Biotype for the global consciousness cure.
All these projects, alternatives to the System, seek to live in harmony with a vision of the future based on sustainability and cooperation between human, animal and nature.
They are searching for solutions to global problems,locally acting and they promise to turn the current paradigms, obsolete.

 (English and Portuguese subtitles available on "CC" option!)

Que Estranha Forma de Vida // What a Strange Way of Life - FULL DOCUMENTARY HD from Pedro Serra on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

adidas Skateboarding || Away Days (Trailer)

adidas has shared the first trailer for it’s debut full-length feature skate film, Away Days. Captured over a period of three years, the film consists of footage from over 90 cities around the world, showcasing their Global and International skate teams. It features the likes of Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, Mark Suciu, Pete Eldridge, Benny Fairfax, Nestor Judkins, Jake Donnelly, and more, and comes directed by Matt Irving. Take a look at the the trailer below! 

Away Days premieres in May over the course of a "World Premiere Tour" which takes in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. 

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

The Science of Subterfuge || How Ford Uses Modern Camouflage to Hide in Plain Sight

We've all seen those photos of hotly anticipated upcoming models wrapped in black padding and crazy checkerboard and swirl patterns, and maybe wondered if all that is really necessary. It is. Car makers like to save the big splash for when things come out looking beautiful and pretty.
More about car camouflage at autoblog.