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Vhils || Fragmentos

"Vhils’ new exhibit, Fragmentos opened over the weekend in Brazil at Rio de Janeiro’s Clark Art Center. The show consists of fifteen new works along with large-scale murals which were created in four locations throughout the city. In the video below, take a look at Vhils in action preparing for the show."

domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Lost in Manhattan

"Lost in Manhattan is an experimental new video from Paris-based filmmaker, Gunther Gheeraert."

Lost in Manhattan from Gunther Gheeraert on Vimeo.
Steve Olson || A Short Profile

"French surf, skate and snow culture magazine Desillusion have presented a new short film focussing on legendary skateboarder Steve Olson. Hailed as one of the best vert and bowl skaters of the late 1970s, Olson rode for Santa Cruz and was on the original Independent Trucks team. Directed by Patrick Pearse, the film gives us a glimpse of Olson's infectious and larger than life personality, with a blurb reading 'Steve doesn't kill time. Steve doesn't keep time. Steve does what Steve wants on 'Steve Time.' Everyone - meet Steve. Once in your lifetime, if you can keep up?' Watch below!"

STEVE OLSON from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013

Skateboard Kings (1978) Full Documentary

"A very rare video from the 1970`s showing the skateboard scene in Dogtown USA. In 1978 a British show called The World About Us decided to take on the SoCal skate scene. They presented a documentary that takes the viewer through the ins & outs of skateboarding in the late '70s."

quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

PEDRO MATOS || Building Castles Made of Sand

Building Castles Made of Sand

Opening reception: Friday, May 17th, 2013 from 6 to 9pm
May 17 – June 15, 2013

Martha Otero Gallery is pleased to present Pedro Matos' first exhibition in Los
Angeles, Building Castles Made of Sand featuring a new series of oil paintings on
canvas and azulejo panels - a traditional Portuguese medium of hand-painted,
tin-glazed, ceramic tile work.

Pedro Matos’ paintings feature a rich and complex layering consisting of
different languages of communication, which combine texture, patterns,
realistic figurative painting, new media, digital and text references. His work
draws the viewer into a dialog surrounding the impermanence of social and
cultural values.

The use of traditional mediums to create an aesthetic of decay and
ephemerality, together with a survey of subjects and references throughout the
history until the contemporary society, tries to raise questions of subjectivity,
arbitraries, and ephemerality in our value structure and cultural and social

Pedro Matos was born in Santarém, Portugal in 1989. He studied Painting and Art
& Heritage Science at the Faculty of Fine Art - University of Lisbon and Ar.Co Art
Centre Lisbon before moving to London where he studied at Central St. Martins
College of Art and Design and where he currently works and lives. His work has
been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including The University of
Arizona Museum of Art, Philips de Pury, Goss-Michael Foundation, White Walls
Gallery and Ivory & Black Soho. Pedro has also given seminars and lectures in
Portugal, and worked as a curator in cities such as London, Lisbon, Miami and

For further information please contact the gallery at 323 951 1068 or visit our

Warrior Saints: Four Centuries of Sikh Military History Vol.1- Pedro Matos and the Sikh Warrior from GT1588 on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

The Simpsons || A Real-Life Intro

"In 2009, Devilfish - a London-based creative agency - created a teaser for Sky One which sees the entire intro of Matt Groening's famous cartoon The Simpsons recreated with real humans. According to Devilfish, the short was created to help re-affirm Sky as the 'true home of The Simpsons in the UK.' The intro is so popular that almost every scene has been etched into our minds, leaving no room for visual errors, so it's truly impressive that they managed to get it so spot on. Watch below!" 

Come Home To The Simpsons from devilfish on Vimeo.
Fragments Of Time

"A very personal portrait of Hong Kong shot between 2011 - 2013 featuring the words of Daniele Manoli father."

Fragments Of Time from Daniele Manoli on Vimeo.

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domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Fleetside 61 || The Hard-Tail

"This is the first in a series of bikes built by Fleetside 61 Transportation Co.. Shot on location in Long Beach, California. Motorcycle design and build by: Fleetside 61 and Music written and recorded by: Briertone."

Fleetside 61: The Hard-tail from N.A. Bowser on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

"Ivor's life is turned upside down after a falling plant pot sparks a series of paranoid reactions. Graduation film from Newport Film School. Created in eight months and almost everything made from cardboard."

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling from Joseph Wallace on Vimeo.
Into The Thicket

"Into the Thicket chronicles the journey of a few skateboarders’ treck into the forests of Vancouver Island to skate a ramp constructed using the surrounding environment and few other materials. Featuring Chris Haslam, Todd Myers and Mat Howell."

Into The Thicket from Sitka on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

OBEY THE GIANT || The Shepard Fairey Story (Full Movie)

"This film is based on the true story of Shepard Fairey's first act of street art during his time at Rhode Island School of Design from 1989-1992."

OBEY THE GIANT - The Shepard Fairey Story from Julian Marshall on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 16 de abril de 2013

Québec || Nocte Lumen || Hyperlapse

"This project, consisting entirely of photographs, was produced following four concepts: Old Quebec, lights, winter and night. It was created using the following four techniques: time-lapse, hyper-lapse, stop motion and lightpainting."

Québec | NOCTE LUMEN | Hyperlapse from DFDesign on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013

Whang Od || The Kalinga Tattoo Maker

"Whang Od is 92 years old and up to very recently she was the last Kalinga tattoo maker. According to specialists, this practice is about a thousand years old and was used as a skin natural language transmitted from generation to generation..."

Whang Od: The Kalinga Tattoo maker from Looking for Stories on Vimeo.

sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Carlsberg Puts Friends To The Test

"A phone call in the middle of the night: your best friend is in trouble. Would you go out and help him? Carlsberg tests some friendships. What would your friends do? Are they true mates?"

sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2013

Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers

"Back in March, Converse launched the 'Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers' campaign to bring more awareness to their upcoming Spring / Summer line. The campaign shows everyone in the video wearing sneakers for just about every occasion so the question is, do you wear shoes? or Sneakers? There’s a difference."

The Monk And The Fly

"A Monk relaxes under a Banyan tree on a summer's day. What could possibly go wrong?"

The Monk and the Fly from Matthew Darragh on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

Macaframa || Movie

Vodafone || The Kiss 

"Working alongside creative agency Grey London, Vodafone have created a clever new commercial entitled 'The Kiss'. Running to one-and-a-half minutes long, the commercial follows a boy and a girl from the moment of their first kiss all the way through their life together, finishing with old age and the tagline 'Good things should last forever'. Filming was handled by director Frédéric Planchon of Academy Films, while Sam Rice-Edwards from The Assembly Rooms helmed the editing process, and MPC took control of visual effects. The soundtrack is 'Walk' by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013


"Bridge is a story about four animal characters trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to one another in the process. The moral behind this story revolves around how there are often disagreements or competing paths in life, and the possible results of pride, obstinance, and compromise."

Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.

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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

"Bangin' on wax" with Vicent Pages

"Vincent Pages, He is a snowboarder who reconverted himself into a tattoo artist. After 15 years snowboarding and 5 snowboard movies produced by his crew (ERO ONE), Vince started to focus on his second passion: Tatooing.
This new documentary comes along with the recent opening of his tattoo shop « Nuit Noire Tattoo ». Welcome to his universe…"

"Bangin' on wax" with Vincent Pages from BangingBees on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

The Other Dave

"The Other Dave is a short film which tells the story of Dave Manning aka. Super Dave - an extremely unlucky man who can count being struck by lightning amongst his many injuries. The tagline for the film reads 'Life changes people; especially when it involves 1 billion volts of electricity,' and that's certainly true in this case. Manning was on his way to a pro golf career when he was struck by the bolt. Now, he is permanently disabled and living in his parents house at the age of 43, as well as having been hospitalised a further 20 times. Speaking in the film, his father says 'In Super Dave's world, everything is always great. Maybe in Dave Dave's world he's in a lot of pain and he's hurting.' Watch the film below." 

The Other Dave from The Other Dave on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

iNO || Turbo Fatcap

"Watch Athens-based graffiti artist, iNO in action as he brings to life his latest mural, a gorgeous photo-realistic, dual-profile piece. Check it out below."

Turbo Fatcap from iNO on Vimeo.

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