segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2014

4 Days in Barcelona whit Ricardo Lino || ENNUI

In the beginning of March Ricardo Lino flew to Barcelona to film this Riding / lifestyle video and the promo video for his Signature frame, The brainiac, built by destroy bicycles.
For those of you who dont know Ricardo Lino has been skating for over 3 decades and after a couple of foot injuries he started a new adventure with fixed gear freestyle bikes, as you can see in this video the NEO FOOTIES are his favorite ENNUI article and he usually says "without these things on my feet, I wouldn't be able to ride, thanks ENNUI for making my life a whole lot better".

4 DAYS IN BARCELONA WITH RICARDO LINO /////////// ENNUI , ISN´T IT? from Ennui Brand on Vimeo.

domingo, 30 de março de 2014

The Making of Neon Signs

In The Making of Neon Signs we’re offered an inside look at how neon signs are made as master craftsmen go through the production processes from design, tube bending, gas filling and more. An 11-minute film produced by Cpak Studio for M+, the video also goes into detail about the current situation and challenges facing the endangered neon industry of Hong Kong.

sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Out of Line || a Short Skate Film

Brett Novak releases his latest video, Out of Line. Know mostly for his videos of Kilian Martin, the filmmaker's latest project, a one-and-a-half-minute short film, doesn't feature the skateboard virtuoso, but a random skater doing tricks and cruising in a range of settings. What makes the video special and unique is the way it was cleverly and impressively edited making it appear as if the skater were doing one long line.

Out of Line: a Short Skate Film from Brett Novak on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2014

Analog 128 || The handcrafting of a Violin

Handcraftsmanship has become more scarce and intriguing in today's digital world. It takes violin maker David Van Zandt 8 weeks to craft aged wood into a violin. This is the 128th violin he has crafted.

Analog 128 from Sozinho Imagery on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2014

Travel With Style || Casey Neistat for J.Crew

Filmmaker Casey Neistat was commissioned by J. Crew to make a video promoting their Ludlow Traveler suit. Watch Casey and the suit take an 11,000 mile trip around the world and check out the suit here.

terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

Sliding Through Holland

Six days, 3.500 picture's and 2 days of editing. A time-lapse video of the Netherlands. That little country with lots of tulips, cows and windmills.

Sliding Through Holland from Guilty on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2014

La Manufacture Du Chocolat Alain Ducasse

Built from an old Renault Garage in the center of Paris, near Place de la Bastille, Alain Ducasse's new chocolate factory was created with the willingness to get back to the roots of chocolate making : a careful, slow and patient work, craftsmanship and machines being as one.

La manufacture du chocolat Alain Ducasse from BLAST PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

sábado, 22 de março de 2014

Visual Traveling || The Persion Version

Skating has taken root all over the world for decades now. Except in Iran. This is an incredible first-look at a country essentially experiencing skating for the first time. Check it out below.

sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2014

NEON-ENDING || A Movie by Alexander Basile for Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP have teamed up with Cologne-based artist Alexander Basile to produce a short film called "Neon-Ending". Shot in and around Naples and Sicily, the 6-minute movie showcases the current Carhartt WIP 2014 Spring/Summer men's and women's collection in some beautifully sun-bleached settings. This, combined with some strange dialogue and surreal shots of people in horse costumes driving cars, makes for a highly watchable and unique lookbook. Check it out below.

quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2014

Behind the Seen

Matt Rott in the South Pacific…beneath the surface and behind the seen.
A short film by Francesco Campello and Matthew Shepherd.

Behind the Seen from Nine Nine Videos on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

Chicago || Greening of the River 2014

Each year on St Patrick's Day the Chicago River turns an incredible shade of Irish green. Here's a quick time-lapse of the greening of the Chicago river 2014.

terça-feira, 18 de março de 2014

Wes Anderson || Centered

Anyone who's even watched a snippet of a Wes Anderson film will have noticed how much the director likes to center his images. Proving the point, Vimeo Kogonada has created a two-and-a-half minute short which pulls scenes from each of his films and sees how well they align with a dotted line down the center. As you can see, Anderson goes into meticulous detail to make sure the shots are perfect, even making sure the characters noses are bang in the middle. Watch below. 

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2014

Spanish company Wavegarden - the industry leader in the design an manufacture of wave generation systems - has built a full-sized demo center in Northern Spain. The facility is the first of its kind int he world and will be used to help fine-tune the skills of some of the most talented surfers, as well as encouraging the younger generation to participate in the sport. At 220 meters long, the surf lagoon is the longest in existence, offering unbeatable wave quality, shape, and speed. Every minute two identical waves break simultaneously left and right with barreling point break type rides up to 20 seconds long. Once the waves reach the bay area, the left and right hand waves transform into smooth rolling whitewater waves; perfect for children, longboarding and surf lessons. You can expect to see this lagoons appearing across the world soon.

Wavegarden 2.0 - June 2013 from wavegarden on Vimeo.

domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Bob Burnquist's Floating Skate Ramp

Pro skateboarder and mega ramp rider Bob Burnquist has teamed up with the state of California to create a floating skate ramp in Lake Tahoe. Working alongside his team of designers, Burnquist spent four days constructing the ramp before pulling it out into the lake and hoping the whole thing floated. Check out the video below. 

sexta-feira, 14 de março de 2014

New Balance Custom US574 || From the Factory to You

The New Balance New York 5th Ave Store, houses the Custom US574 kiosk. This kiosk allows you to have an interactive experience to customize your US574s. The US574 is made at New Balance's Norridgewock, Maine facility. "The New Balance Custom US574 enables you to be the designer and choose from premium material and color options to personalize your own iconic New Balance 574 silhouette, a legendary shoe from the New Balance Classic collection," says Steve Gardner, Strategic Business Unit Manager for New Balance Lifestyle. "Once you design your US574, our associates in Norridgewock will use their high quality craftsmanship to produce it for you." Check it out below!

quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2014

Alive || Andre Kivijarvi

A few years back we sponsored Andre. He was a friend of a friend, and we knew he had a passion for bikes. Little did we know Andre is a truly unique individual. This video captures the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest and follows Andre on his typical commute through the city on his State Bicycle Co. Undefeated. Check it out below.

Alive featuring Andre Kivijarvi from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2014

Project Yosemite || HD Time Lapse

Spark something and hit the full screen button for this epic HD time lapse from Yosemite National Park by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. Nature is so chill. Enjoy!

Yosemite HD II from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

David Flores || Dali in the Water

David Flores reinterprets French photographer, Jean Dieuzaide’s famous 1951 portrait of Dali on a large-scale mural painted in Culver City on the side of Graphaids Inc.’s building. Check out a video documenting the process from start to finish.

dali in the water from dope vinyl on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2014

MET Helmets || We Are Italians

Check out this short movie by MET Helmets featuring Juliet Elliott and Dave Noakes… riding cycling’s true spiritual home. Enjoy!

We are Italians from Met Board on Vimeo.

sábado, 8 de março de 2014

John John Florence || Begin Again

A short featuring John John Florence and friends titled Begin Again on the North Shore of Oahu and Maui. 
Check it out below.

BEGIN AGAIN from John John Florence on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

Nothing Stops Detroit || Evan Rossell

Californian street artist, Evan Rossell aka Stink made his way back to his native Detroit on a painting trip last year, and Australian filmmaker Riley Blakeway was on hand with a 16MM and a Super 8MM to document the events. The result is Nothing Stops Detroit, a five-minute video that provides a quick look into a fragment of daily life in the Motor City.

Nothing Stops Detroit - Evan Rossell from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

Donhou Bicycles || Experiments in Speed

Experiments in Speed. Inspired by those great men of the salt flats, those men that in the 60s pushed the Land Speed Record from the 300s up towards the 600mph mark in jet-propelled cars built in their sheds. We decided to do what we do: build a bicycle, but this time, in the spirit of those pioneers of speed, build it to see how fast we could go…

Experiments in Speed from SpindleProductions on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014

Pedro is a Portuguese surfer from Alcantara, Lisbon, Portugal.
A 18 years old kid who is very mature in and out of the water.
Went to the 2012 ISA Junior Games in Panama with the National team.
Actualy out of a major sponsor but his head is still in focus!
Cool kid to hang and nice friend.
Filmed in the main beaches around Lisbon like Carcavelos, Ericeira, Oeiras and Caparica.
Check it out below.

Pedro "pi" Calheiros - Routines from Nuno Miguel on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

The Sign Painter

Tj's been pulling dagger lines since he started building his first hot rod with his dad at the tender age of 15.
Ten years later his still doing what he loves plus a whole lot more. Spending his days designing and covered in paint with his two crazy boys and darling wife. Fueled by coffee and ideas... he's living the dream.
Check it out below. 

The Sign Painter from Scott Mitchell on Vimeo.

domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Southbank Paint Attack || D*face x Long Live Southbank with Chewy Cannon

Renowned Street artist and 80's southbank skateboarder D*face teamed up with the LLSB lads for a collaborative visual art piece at the undercroft. Using his bespoke spray can skateboard apparatus, Palace Skateboards pro Chewy Cannon and co painted the floor leaving trails behind them as they cruised and carved the hallowed banks and flatland of the Southbank undercroft.
D*face discusses southbank in the 80's, the SBC's history of oppression of skateboarding and the cultural and artistic importance of the world famous Undercroft.