quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

Kate Upton Feels Herself In This Sensual Fiji Photoshoot || Intimates || Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Supermodel Kate Upton works the lens in this super sexy video of her showing off in Fiji. 
60-seconds of hotter than the sun footage, clicking play is highly advised.

terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

Nike SB x BCN || Short Film

Barcelona has long been known as one of Europe’s top skate spots. It has Paral-lel, Sants, La Guineueta and, of course, MACBA.

And Nike SB has released a new short film celebrating the city’s place in skate culture.

Directed by Sergi Castellà, the film asks locals and non-locals why they skate in Barcelona. Amid beautiful skate shots, the subjects tell us what they love about skating in the city — everything from the bowls and downhills, to the one euro fries and the parties.

 Watch the video below, but be warned, it will make you want to book a flight out to BCN ASAP.

NIKE SB X BCN from sergi castella on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile || Short Film Showcase

Meet Richard Overton, America's oldest veteran. In this lively short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, hear the whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking supercentenarian reveal his secrets to a long life.

domingo, 28 de maio de 2017

Truth || Short Film

 "The real power of art, is the ability to galvanize and organize all those pigments and materials, and pour a soul into it."
Truth from Jesse Brass on Vimeo.

sábado, 27 de maio de 2017

New Balance Numeric || TRAJECTORY

With over 100 years of technology and culture in shoe manufacturing, New Balance Numeric is driven to create the best skate shoes possible. From team toproduct, get to know the story behind Boston's NB#.

sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2017

Coffee Run || Los Angeles

'Coffee Run' follows professional photographer & coffee lover, Mark Lipczynski, as he navigates through a city's coffee scene. He meets with baristas, roasters & photographers to discuss the specialty coffee movement & it's impact on the community. In this episode, Mark sits down for a one-to-one with passionate, socially conscious coffee professionals in Los Angeles.

Coffee Run: Los Angeles from Andrew Gooi on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 25 de maio de 2017

Boy Racer || Fast & Furious In The UK

Since the trend of teenagers modifying their "affordable" cars with go-faster stripes, neon under-lights, and dump valves really took off in the 90s, the media and public have been wary of boy racers. The British government has attempted to force them out of town centers with surveillance, and the cops spend their nights hunting them in unmarked cars.

 Understandably, this has driven boy racers to abandon the bright lights for industrial areas, country lanes, and parking lots where they can blare happy hardcore, jungle, bassline, and pull off handbrake turns to their hearts' content. 

In the film, we follow the boy racers as they try—with varying degrees of success—to unify the scene in their local area. In Essex, we find car meets with hundreds of kids in kitted up cars, showing off luxury paint jobs and bass systems that ruin their girlfriends' hair dos. And in North London, boy racers take to highways to find their own fun—which, in the past, has had grave consequences.

The summer brings with it super-sized car festivals, where everyone goes to race, get wasted and get their picture taken with pouting, bikini-clad promo models.

 Cars get scrapped, street races get dangerous, and things get wild in a parking lot. Boy Racer is a timely spotlight on what kids in souped-up cars are doing today, or tonight, in every town in the UK.

quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017

i-D Meets || Blondey McCoy

Blondey McCoy is a 19-year-old London-based model and skateboarder for brands such as Palace, adidas and Supreme.
 In this episode of i-D Meets, we join the most modern of Soho’s flâneurs to explore his artwork, fashion design and delve a little deeper on this modern polymath.

terça-feira, 23 de maio de 2017

LUNAR || Short Film

This impressive short film highlights Space Race-era exploration using photographic footage and original audio recordings from deep inside the NASA archives. Enter full screen and throw on some headphones–it's that good.

LUNAR from Christian Stangl on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

Backpacking Around Indonesia || Short Film

One month trip around Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.
Surf, Bikes, Volcanoes, Beaches and good vibes!

domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

The Story of Skinhead with Don Letts || Documentary

Documentary in which director and DJ Don Letts looks at a very particular and very provocative British subculture - skinhead. He explores how skinhead has become associated with street fighting, trouble on the football terraces and violent racism in the public consciousness in Britain and around the world, but reveals that its origins lie in a cultural coming together that could not be further from its tarnished image. 

 Don shows in fascinating detail how the roots of skinhead are in a brilliant cultural collision between the young white working-class kids and their Jamaican counterparts in British inner cities, a moment of multicultural harmony. He traces the history of skinhead from the late 60s to the present, looking at the music and styles of skinhead from the reggae-influenced ska to the punk-influenced Oi. Throughout Don meets people who were committed members of various skinhead scenes, and he considers the conflicts and the contradictions that skinhead has attracted over five decades.

sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

Levi's® Skateboarding x Byrrrh & Skate present || We're back!

Earlier this month, Levi’s Skateboarding presented the launch of The Byrrrh & Skate Project at a local DIY skate spot in Brussels, Belgium, designed and put together by local skater Youssef Abaoud

 Three years ago after the closure of the well-known Roller Park in Anderlecht, Belgium in 2005, skateboarders throughout the country had nowhere to skate after the weather turned in winter. Determined to find a solution, Youssef searched for an indoor space that he and his friends could skate. 

 Eventually Youssef came across a perfectly lit, smooth floored, dry, abandoned warehouse that he used to work at. It was the ideal space for a new skate park, and over a few weeks him and his friends began collecting skate obstacles and building ramps for it from donated wood. The skate community throughout the city were eager to visit and help Youssef out, and this was where Byrrrh was born. The spot was perfect for two whole winters until the ownership of the building changed and they had to pack up and leave the premises. 

 Youssef’s second indoor skate park suffered the same fate as the first, and in 2016 he was determined to find a permanent space to skate. He came across a new spot in Anderlecht, a little further out of the city, an old TV studio that was bigger and better than anything he’d found before. This would become the home of Byrrrh

 Similar to their previous DIY spots, the space is made up of confiscated skate obstacles, recycled waste, donated wood and concrete. It even houses a bar and an art studio, but most importantly it offers a space in Brussels where skaters of all ages and abilities can come and skate everyday of the week, 24-hours a day. 

 Levi’s Skateboarding caught wind of Youssef’s story and supported the launch of Byrrrh & Skate by hosting a competition on 6 May with cash prizes, live music and a photography exhibition. Take a look at some footage of it below and hear from Youssef himself about the project. 

sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

DASHAPE 2017 || Short Video

The largest sneaker culture event in Spain was held on 12, 13 and 14 May.
A weekend full of sneakers, music, basket, beer, expos and good vibes.

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Desert Drifters || Illegal Street Drifting in Saudi Arabia

Illegal drifting on public streets has achieved cult status in Saudi Arabia by now. At the same time car accidents are one of the main causes of death there, especially among young people. The problem is so massive that the Saudi government is implementing extra hard punishments for drifting on public streets. But there are alternatives. Professional drives have started academies and in doing so are trying to make drifting a professional sport.

quarta-feira, 17 de maio de 2017

The Infinite Now || Cinemagraphs Film

Armand Dijcks and Australian photographer Ray Collins worked tirelessly to turn incredible oceanscapes into lifeful cinemagraphs. Hit play and enjoy.

The Infinite Now from Armand Dijcks on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

TV 2 || All That We Share

A Danish television station recently ran All That We Share, a quick video spot worth every second of your time. 
Hit play and they'll take it from here.

segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Cool & Vintage || Porsche 911 Weekend Racer

When the guys at Cool & Vintage get ahold of a 1969 Porsche 911, this is what happens. 
Click play and watch it tear up the coast of Portugal in complete style.

Porsche 911 Weekend Racer from Cool & Vintage on Vimeo.

domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

Osaka || Sushi, Tattoos, And A Flourishing Nightlife

Japan’s second city has become the country's fastest growing tourist hotspot. Famed for its food, Osaka stands apart from other cities in Japan. A sushi chef, a poet and a tattoo artist show us why their city is the top choice for the culturally curious visitor in this episode of The Economist Passport travel series.

sábado, 13 de maio de 2017

London, Meantime || adidas Skateboarding in London

adidas Skateboarding heads to London, England, where something is always going on. ‘London, Meantime’ showcases the global team in the fashion forward streets of the city, giving you a glimpse into one of skateboarding’s most illustrious canvases.


Blondey McCoy, Daewon Song, Gustav Tønnesen, Mark Suciu, Rodrigo Teixeira, Alec Majerus, Benny Fairfax, Marc Johnson, Na-kel Smith, Kevin Lowry, Günes Özdogan & Lucas Puig.

sexta-feira, 12 de maio de 2017

The 501® Jean || Stories of an Original

Levi's® presents The 501® Jean || Stories of an Original, a three-part documentary that celebrates the 501® Jean’s influence on popular culture.

The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original | Full Documentary from Primary Colors on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 11 de maio de 2017

The Syncronicles II || The Ramp

Follow Rob Heran on his road trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to fulfill childhood dreams and live the vanlife.

 Childhood dreams. We give up on them too easy, don't we? We fall into the trap of "adult life". We end up following the path that society expects us to. More than ever before, we're expected to perform at the highest level. In everything we do. In our jobs, in our hobbies, even as parents and in our relationships. Sometimes it seems that the world offers more stages to perform on than opportunities to live.
Everything is expected to move faster, tob e performance-enhanced – whether LTE, social media, drugs or self-optimization. We get caught in the trap, again and again as our vision becomes more and more blurred. We are traveling so fast that we don’t see what’s going on right in front of us. We are racing in the tunnel into the light. We get lost, lose control or can’t stand the pressure anymore. We burn out in the useless, competitive race.
 No wonder I see more and more people who decide to change direction and deliberately slow down. They quit their jobs and finally do what they always dreamed of, because they realize that tomorrow never comes.
It’s what’s here and now that counts. The clock of life is ticking. Step out of the trap, turn around and choose the life you dreamed of. Don’t be scared. Follow the dreams of your childhood.

 The time has come to finally live my childhood dream. It seems like it took me a lifetime to get there. But finally, I arrived where I always wanted to be; In my own imagination of what Mountainbike riding means to me—infinite freedom (and the possibility to launch myself into orbit) 

 It was deep winter in January when I had everything finished. I‘ve set up the ramp only once before to see if the construction itself works, but I haven't jumped it yet. Nevertheless, I packed my new built Evil Wreckoning bike and everything I needed for a three-month road trip adventure all the way down to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It has been a destination I always dreamed of visiting with my own car. 

- Rob Heran

The Syncronicles II – The Ramp from ION on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 10 de maio de 2017

A History Of Nike Air Max || feat. Kurupt FM

Ben Murray teamed up with the home of underground music Boiler Room for Air Max Day.  They got the Kurupt FM boys to give us their unique take on the history of Nike Air Max, with the help of some grime and garage legends.

A History Of Nike Air Max 'ft Kurupt FM' from Bullion on Vimeo.

terça-feira, 9 de maio de 2017

João Allen || Inspired By...

João Allen, Inspired By... Lisbon. In this episode of the series "Inspired By", RVCA skateboarder João Allen talks about what inspires him, on skateboarding and on his daily life: the city of Lisbon - where he was born, where he still lives and where he always skate.

segunda-feira, 8 de maio de 2017

SOUTH AFRICA || A Mavic Tale

Drone footage can (at times) be a little played out.

 You've seen one sweeping mountainscape from a DJI drone, you've seen them all.

 But this is not your average drone footage. 

Flying over South Africa, every second of this shoot is completely stunning and an inspiring perspective of the animal kingdom. Sit back and enjoy.

SOUTH AFRICA - A Mavic Tale from Rind-Raja Picture Company on Vimeo.

domingo, 7 de maio de 2017

Cool & Vintage || An Island State of Mind

The Cool & Vintage guys took their latest restomod Defender build to a picturesque getaway on Madeira Island and filmed the whole thing. Prepare for some serious wanderlust.

An Island State of Mind from Cool & Vintage on Vimeo.

sábado, 6 de maio de 2017

Source of Life || Big wave surfing with Sebastian Steudtner || Mercedes-Benz

Sit back and enjoy this atmospheric original film from Mercedes-Benz highlighting big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner and his quest to break the world record for largest wave ever ridden. From heart-pounding gym sessions to the intense waters of Nazaré, Portugal, every second of this video is ridiculously gorgeous.

sexta-feira, 5 de maio de 2017

Satisfy || Possessed

Parisian running label Satisfy visited Joshua Tree in California to film this dream-like video highlighting psychedelic-rock musician turned ultra-runner Joshua Garrett Grubb
If this doesn't make you want to lace up and go for a long run, nothing will.

SATISFY / Possessed from Satisfy Running on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2017

Face Lift || Animated Short Film

CalArts animation student Brian Kim has shared a great short film over on Vimeo titled Face Lift
The original story follows a boy growing up who is unfortunately born with just the one head, whereas everyone else in the surreal animated world around him seems to have two as standard. 

 The boy grows up as an outcast as generally looks unhappy with life apart from when he is with his loving father. It’s actually all a bit emotional, but nonetheless it’s a wonderful little story. Take a look below and enjoy! 

Face_Lift from brian kim on Vimeo.

quarta-feira, 3 de maio de 2017

PARALLEL || Documentary || Vans

PARALLEL skateboard documentary presented by Vans South Africa. Obscure ditches, abandoned pools, fresh street spots with an Africa flavour. Shot in South Africa over 4 months.

terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

10328x7760 || A 10K Timelapse Demo

Zoom into a Rio de Janeiro favela in super-high definition in this glorious video by Joe Capra

10328x7760 - A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

Cruiser || Short Video

Take a gorgeous 200 hp 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. Head to the canyons around Los Angeles. Apply lead foot. 
The result...

Cruiser from Sera Trimble on Vimeo.